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Durban Poison marijuana seeds produce cannabis plants that have been very popular among users because of its energetic and uplifting effects. It is a really good cannabis seed strain that will help you stay productive or when you need a boost in creativity.
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Durban Poison Marijuana Seeds

Durban Poison marijuana seeds originated from South Africa and have a reputation as an extremely potent 100% pure sativa strain. I have observed this plant in the flowering stage in a European grow house and it produces very large and long buds full of resin glands. Apparently it produces very high yields over a regular flowering period. Pure sativa strains are in very short supply in Australia so it would definitely be one of the varieties to be preserving for the future.

Durban Poison Seed Specifications

THC 16 - 25%
CBD 0 - 0.2%
Type Feminised Seeds
Pure Sativa 100% Sativa
Flowering Time 60 days

Medicinal Cannabis Use

Stress 100%
Depression 80%
Pain 75%
Fatigue 45%
Headaches 40%

Medicinal Cannabis Effects

Uplifted 100%
Energetic 95%
Happy 85%
Euphoric 80%
Creative 80%

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