Chocolope Cannabis Seeds

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Indulge in the unique blend of coffee and chocolate flavors with Chocolope, a sativa-dominant strain known for its uplifting and energetic effects. Our Chocolope cannabis seeds cater to both connoisseurs and novice growers, promising an easy grow with a rewarding yield. Perfect for those seeking a morning boost or a creative spark, this strain provides a clear-headed high that's as enjoyable as its distinct flavor profile. Cultivate Chocolope for an invigorating experience and a taste of gourmet sweetness.
  • THC: 20%
  • CBD: 0.5%
  • Strain: Pure Sativa
  • Growing difficulty: Intermediate
  • Flowering time: 9-10 weeks
  • Height: Medium
  • Yield: High
  • Aroma: Chocolate, coffee, earthy
  • Flavor: Chocolate, coffee, sweet
  • Effect: Uplifting, energising, euphoric
  • Medical uses: Depression, fatigue, lack of appetite

This pure sativa strain is known for its unique chocolate and coffee aroma, and sweet flavor. It's a popular strain among cannabis enthusiasts for its uplifting and energising effects, making it a great choice for daytime use. Chocolope offers a great balance of aroma, flavor and effect.


Growing Chocolope is considered to be of intermediate difficulty, suitable for both indoor and outdoor growing. The flowering time of the strain is around 9-10 weeks which is slightly longer than other sativa strains. The strain is known to produce high yield, making it a great option for growers who want to maximise their harvest. The strain requires moderate care, but it is considered to be relatively easy to grow, it can tolerant to both cold and heat, and can be grown under different light conditions.


The aroma of Chocolope is one of its defining characteristics. It has a distinct chocolate and coffee aroma, with earthy undertones. When grown correctly, the aroma is quite strong and pungent, which makes it a favorite among growers and cannabis enthusiasts.


The flavor of Chocolope is just as unique as its aroma. It has a chocolate and coffee taste with sweet undertones. The smoke is smooth and the flavor is long lasting, making it a great option for those who enjoy the taste of cannabis.


Chocolope's effect is well-balanced, it is known for providing a uplifting and energising high, making it a popular choice for daytime use. It's also known for its euphoric effect, which can help relieve stress, anxiety and depression. This combination of effects makes Chocolope a great choice for those who want to boost their mood and productivity.

Medical uses

Chocolope has also shown to have medicinal benefits, it can help with lack of appetite and other conditions. In addition, it can help relieve symptoms of depression and fatigue, making it a great option for medical marijuana patients. It also acts as an analgesic and anti-inflammatory, providing relief for chronic pain. Chocolope has a high THC content, but the low CBD content makes it a strain for daytime use, it can even help to boost creativity and productivity.

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