Gelato Cannabis Seeds

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Experience the rich, dessert-like flavors of Gelato, a renowned hybrid strain known for its balanced and potent effects. Our Gelato cannabis seeds promise a cultivation journey filled with dense, colorful buds exuding sweet, fruity, and creamy aromas. Ideal for both seasoned growers and enthusiasts, Gelato offers a harmonious blend of euphoric relaxation and creative stimulation. Dive into the world of exquisite taste and enjoyable highs – grow Gelato for an unmatched sensory adventure.
  • THC: 22%
  • CBD: 0.5%
  • Strain: Hybrid (Indica/Sativa)
  • Growing difficulty: Intermediate
  • Flowering time: 9-10 weeks
  • Height: Medium
  • Yield: High
  • Aroma: Lavender, berry, citrus
  • Flavor: Sweet, fruity
  • Effect: Relaxing, creative
  • Medical uses: Stress, anxiety, fatigue

Gelato is a hybrid strain known for its delicious aroma and flavor, with a balanced and relaxing high. This strain is a cross of Thin Mint, Girl Scout Cookies and Sunset Sherbet, resulting in a strain with a high THC content and a strong, relaxing high.


Growing Gelato is considered to be of intermediate difficulty. This strain is suitable for both indoor and outdoor growing, it has a flowering time of 8-10 weeks, and it produces moderate to high yields. It is known to be a hardy and resilient plant, that adapt well to different growing conditions and is easy to clone.


The aroma of Gelato is one of its defining characteristics. It has a sweet, fruity, and earthy aroma with strong notes of berries and gelato, earning it the name. When grown correctly, the aroma is quite strong and pungent, making it a favorite among growers and cannabis enthusiasts.


The flavor of Gelato is just as delicious as its aroma. It has a sweet, fruity, and earthy taste with notes of berries and gelato. The smoke is smooth and the flavor is long-lasting, making it a great option for those who enjoy the taste of cannabis.


Gelato's effect is well-balanced and relaxing, it is known for providing a powerful body buzz and calming mental effect, making it a popular choice for evening or night-time use. It's also known for its pain-relieving and sedating properties, which can help with conditions like anxiety, depression, and chronic pain. The strain is a good option for those looking for a relaxing experience and for those who want to unwind after a long day.

Medical uses

Gelato has also shown to have medicinal benefits, it can help with conditions like anxiety, depression, and chronic pain. In addition, it can help with insomnia and other sleep-related issues. The high THC content and low CBD content make it a good option for nighttime use and for those who want to unwind after a long day.

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